Today is my birthday, and I received a surprise form my new boyfriend - a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses! I was naturally very happy seeing this excellent gift, and I loved him so much!

In fact, I should have known that he would buy me a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses for my birthday. It was just that I did not think that he would really like to spend time choosing this pair of fashionable womens glasses for me! I remembered the one day he came to me and said: “Sweetheart, you know that I have something about choosing fashionable woman’s glasses to ask you. Do you know how to choose it?” I immediately became very sensitive and asked him jealously: “Is there any girl that you want to give her a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses? Don’t you love me any more?” He just said: “Well, I am sorry, but it is a secret. I want to give my mother a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses. You know, it is the Mother’s Day soon.” Then I got a little relieved and offered him the address of an online eyeglasses store which I often went to visit. As a fashionable girl, I really knew where to find fashionable stuffs. As far as I know, this online eyeglasses store owned the largest number of fashionable woman’s glasses among the entire eyeglasses store. Besides, since their online store was functioning like an open forum and welcome all the comments from outside, they could get to know the newest information and fashion from the outer world. Like their warm attitude, their attitude towards suggestions was extremely modest and enthusiastic. Then today when I opened the exquisite box my boyfriend gave to me on my birthday party, I saw a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses lying quietly there. I was immediately moved to tears: how he even got to know that this was my favorite pair of fashionable woman’s glasses! He told me that he would like to do anything for me, not even choosing a pair of fashionable woman’s glasses. He said that all he did was that he went to the online eyeglasses store and told them what he was looking for. They told him how to choose fashionable woman’s glasses and showed him the posting procedure.

Now I feel so happy that my boy friend cares so much about me and that I got this great present from my boyfriend–this pair of fashionable woman’s glasses. Thank you—online eyeglass store!

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