I have a single vision prescription and the short-sighted problem often makes me feel painful. I don’t know why my friends around me look very comfortable even after wearing the glasses for a whole day. I don’t know what’s wrong with my glasses but I am aware of the fact that I place more attention to the outlook of glasses rather than the real function. I am, like many other youngsters, eager to catch up with the times to be fashionable. So when making a choice of glasses, I focus on whether it is stylish or not though I know the basic function of the glasses is an important medical device. Recently, I find many people begin to show interest in buying a pair of beautiful prescription sunglasses. According to their explanation, this tool can protect our eyes very efficiently though it is winter now. I also want to know more details about this kind of sunglasses and if it is beautiful and unique, I may probably buy one. Oh, I almost forget another important point that it should be affordable to me because I think the price must be surprisingly high on optical shops. Fortunately, I get the information that many people begin to buy it through online shopping. They tell me that the price of sunglasses on the Internet is much lower than market price, which excites me a lot.

Though I am not an online shopper, I don’t think it is very complicated since I operate the computer skillfully to do my daily job. Well, but I have to learn something from my friends and I think my shopping journey can go very smoothly with their kind help and useful tips. My friends are all willing to share with me their own experience to show me how to follow the purchase process and how to make a wise choice.

One of my friends saw a pair of cheap plastic prescription sunglasses frame with a Ray ban style on the site of  www.ozglasses.com.  She sent me the picture and I read some detailed information about it. I find it is a unique plastic prescription sunglasses frame and very durable because of its materials. What’s more, I think I can afford it with my own money. I complete my first online purchase happily and wait for the package with great expectation. I hope it will not let me down.

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